Upcoming Classes


Stirling Cycle Hub and Dr Bike sessions


Returning to Cornton in early June (7th) and continuing on a monthly basis through to September. Watch out for further details of these popular sessions and the additional planned activities.

In addition, 2 hour workshops are planned in Bike Maintenance – Getting started.

This session is for people wishing to learn how to check their bike is roadworthy before setting off, do the very basic maintenance and acquire the skills to deal with the most common repairs.  All the tricks of the trade to keep your bike running well.

Come along on the 24th July, 31st July and 7th August at 9.30am

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Manual Handling Workshop



The workshop highlights the key role of line managers, supervisors and employees who have responsibility for managing the risks presented by MH Operations carried out in their workplace. It focuses on the practical aspects of MH risk assessment and the importance of ensuring that MH risks are identified and control measures are introduced to reduce the likelihood of exposure to the risks presented by MH Operations.

Participants will be issued a certificate of attendance. This is widely accepted by employers as evidence that the person has been trained on MH techniques.