Support for Learning and Employment

Allocation of Learning Place
Our purpose is to “help adults from all Stirling communities to overcome barriers to life and learning, improving their quality of life and wellbeing”. In line with our funding and the aims of the organisation we give priority to learners from the following groups when allocating learning places:

  • People from Cornton and the other regeneration areas of Stirling
  • People who are unemployed
  • People on low incomes (including in receipt of state benefits, in receipt of pension credit and in receipt of working tax credit)
  • People with disabilities
  • People with physical and mental ill health

Where we have places that have not been filled by learners from these groups we are pleased to offer these places to other interested learners.

Tutor Led Classes
We provide a variety of taught informal classes in a wide range of subjects. These will change on a regular basis but have included i.e. ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), Employability Plus, CV sessions, Work Search and Applications, Interview Skills amongst others. These classes are provided both by ACE directly and with support of our partners.

Training and Learning for Local Groups
We can arrange bespoke training courses for local groups in line with their learning needs. Please contact us at for more details.

Job Search Sessions
Offers job seekers free use of computers/internet for access to job search sites and return to work resources with support available from staff and volunteers. Available every Thursday from 12.00 – 2.00 pm (no appointment necessary).

ACE has developed a group of volunteers who are experienced in the support of learners in the classes we offer. These ‘buddies’ help learners overcome the barriers to learning often encountered by those who attend community learning classes. They can also offer a chance for learners to discuss problems which are not directly part of learning but can prove to be a barrier to progress. We also have volunteers who can offer advice on subjects such as IT and starting your own business.

Charges for Learning

ACE Cornton is an SDS ITA Approved Centre and as such many of our accredited learning opportunities are eligible and individuals can make use of ITA funding to cover the fees.

1:1 Support
This support can be arranged on an appointment basis through contacting 01786 445619. Members of the public can get help with individual projects and other computer use such as internet, safety online and basic PC operation.

Help with CV
Help and advice on completing a CV is available at ACE, either through making an appointment or attending the Thursday Job Search sessions.  Help with emailing and other forms of communication are also available.

Universal Credit

Help and guidance available for Universal Credit applications and access. Free internet use in order to access your account.