Going Forward

Training and Learning for Local Groups

We can arrange bespoke training courses for local groups in line with their learning needs. Please contact us for more details at office@ace-cornton.org

Volunteer Training

ACE are supported by a number of volunteers in a variety of roles including IT buddies with other volunteers directly delivering learning opportunities. As a learning centre we aim to provide training for our volunteers relevant to the many roles they undertake within ACE.

Learning Opportunities

We intend to retain the balance of accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities. Further funding opportunities working in partnership with local organisations will be sought and applications to other funders will be made as and when required, determined by need, to sustain and develop ACE for the future.

Marketing & Promotion

We continually seek to review our marketing and promotions strategy, recent developments have included our new and improved website and the creation of a facebook page. These developments have involved volunteers and ACE are very grateful to our volunteers for their continued support.